Intelligent Apps for Security Operations

This eBook covers all the basics you need to know about automating your security operations. Learn about the methods required to streamline your most mundane tasks with a comprehensive analysis of how automation can drastically improve the overall efficiency of your organisation.

You will learn about:

  • Operational security task that can be automated
  • Deep dive into incident reporting
  • Comparative analysis of different security management solutions
  • Transitioning to smart security management solutions

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Our Products

Our Security Risk Manager (SRM) Platform’s Comprehensive Suite is a multi-faceted solution to help security companies transform their operations intelligently and bring more value to customers, personnel, and overall business operations.


Gain full visibility of your officers, manage clients and visitors as well as perform incident management in real-time and on-the-go.

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Empower your security officers to meet their goals and perform their tasks with efficiency.

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Ensure you can deploy and redeploy mobile responders. Manage responders so they can quickly act on emergency requests.

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Keeps your clients updated with real-time security updates while on the go and request for emergency assistance as they travel in the region.

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